Supportive materials:

Non-medical strategies? Yes, examples includes: safe houses/ respites, exercises, healthy food, meditation/ mindfulness, work, volunteering, getting shelter, belonging, spirit, writing, activism,...
A case against antipsychotic medications? Have a look at a site by Robert Whitaker.
How do people go off medications, not all at once? the Icarus Project has a good online Handbook.
Stop forced treatment? Get informed through Tina Minkowitz's work or Jim Gottstein's.
Broader social strategies for acceptance and an end to violence? An example of resources for communication building...
Non-invasive de-escalation strategies? An example of basic de-escalation in interpersonal conflicts.
Medicine and disease? A psychological critique of the biological paradigm by Richard Bentall.
See extra resources on this site.


"Richardon" (page viii) should be spelled "Richardson". (Apologies to my friend and colleague, Lena Richardson).

"" (pages 17, 49, 52, 53, 156, 210, 212, and 215), the Queen Street Outreach Society or 'QSOS' website, has been moved to, that's "cc", not "ca".

"McKague" (Page 97, para 3) should be spelled "McCague". (Apologies to survivor activist and lawyer, Carla McCague)

"Fennel" (Page 207, references) should be spelled "Fennell".

"commit suicide" (Page vii) should be (the verb) "suicided" (Page 103: "suicide"), to avoid the moralistic and legalistic tone of the usage "committing".

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Additional Academic Resources

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