Art Scribb is hundreds of scribbled drawings in a free style for fun and affordable home decor. Scribbling is still sketching.

Sold individually or in a set, scribb are gesture drawings using ballpoint pen on thick 70lb white paper sized at 7" by 10” (17.8 cm by 25.4 cm). Almost all scribb are single-line sketches in black ink and can be hung in any orientation. (Contact me about my decorous framing as well).

For years I have been trying to get immediate expression and minimal line in my drawing, which naturally led to scribbling. I loved the play of it, and I started doing large pieces in 2007. Then I wondered how to make them accessible, and I turned to home decor.

I have also worked with wood, fabric, and other media, and hope to bring more craft into my work. I live in Parkdale, Toronto, Canada. I can see Lake Ontario on the other side of train tracks and the highway.

Scribb are priced at $20 (CAD, shipping not included). You can purchase select items through Etsy (see contact) or email me for any item.



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